A Couple Of Fellas Who Love Red Bull Decided To Do The Most Extreme Sky Diving Sesh Right In Our Faces And Nearly Died

You guys should honestly be thanking me. I clicked on this video because I thought it would legit have a near-death experience. There wasnt anything remotely close to death in this entire 40-minute thing. Why not just say, "some fellas decided to skydive and took a video." Other than that, nothing really happened. 40 minutes for a skydive vid is just too damn long. I dont need to see you crying with your kids or talking about your journey. Much like KFC Radio used to be on twitter, we just desire to see you jump. That's it. Just jump and twirl around in the wind like Nell from the movie Nell. 

That being said, people dont watch or talk about the movie Nell starring Jodie Foster nearly enough. Here's a few of my favorite lines. 

Trouble goes away at night, and Nell calls May - and Nell and May - yes, Nell and May - are like trees in the wind!

Anyway, cool skydive, I guess but anyone who says this was a near-death experience is fucking lying and just looking for clicks after spending some time away moving. Fucking disgusting.