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GRITTY UConn Survives Baylor Thanks To Great No Call By Refs (Boohoo Baylor Fans, Stop Crying)

In what turned out to be a phenomenal game, UConn SURVIVES the Baylor Lady Bears. On top of that, the biggest bet in women's basketball history from Dave hit thanks to Baylor only losing by 2 (he had them +5). 

The big play came in the final seconds where UConn's phenomenal defense showed up to shut down Baylor one last time.

Was it a foul? LeBron thought so...

To me? I can see it. She certainly was contacted right before she released the ball. I wouldn't have complained if it was called, but how do I feel bad for Baylor? Absolutely not. Here are some tips for next season: Don't allow a 19-0 run in the 4th! Maybe draw up a play that is not Carrington running around for 20 seconds? You need a better shot than the one you had.

UConn wins again. Great win for the Huskies. Geno is the GOAT. Onto the Final Four. Ho hum.