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Blake Griffin Has A Point When It Comes To People Complaining About Him Joining The Nets

I ask you, spot the lie? When Blake was a Piston, all we heard was that he was washed. A fraction of the player he once was and that he should probably hang em up at the end of the year. But then, the second he became a Net and started doing stuff like this


now it's not fair. The same thing is true with LaMarcus Aldridge. He had the same "washed" narrative all year until he decided to turn down the Heat for the Nets and suddenly it was like they were getting 2017 Aldridge or something. Lakers fans cried about how it was so unfair and lame that all this help was going to Brooklyn right up until Andre Drummond decided he wanted to come help LeBron and AD. Didn't hear too much of a peep from them after that.

I just don't get what the big deal is. Aging star players are going to look to join the best teams for the stretch run once they get bought out. Especially if they are looking for their first ring. That's not even remotely a new concept. If Blake had joined Boston, or Philly, or Miami, you know there is no way people would be this upset. I know for a fact if he came to Boston the narrative would be "big deal the Celtics added a washed up Blake Griffin". But because he came to Brooklyn, now it's a problem. If you cry about this, it comes off as mostly jealousy to me.

You just can't have it both ways in my opinion. If you thought players like Blake were cooked before his new destination, then you can't get upset when you find out that destination is Brooklyn. Chances are you wouldn't be upset if Blake or Aldridge chose your favorite team. I'll just never have a problem with this type of stuff. Credit the Nets for finding ways to create the roster flexibility and making themselves into an attractive destination. All this talk about a superteam honestly has nothing to do with their buyout guys. Looking at their situation like this

Like Aldridge/Griffin/Jordan are even close to this level makes no sense to me. 

I get that people hate the idea of super teams, but the real issue is they hate that their favorite team isn't a super team. It's the same shit we saw with Durant going to GS. You don't care about competitive balance, you just care that your favorite team didn't bring those guys in.

But like Blake said, NBA Twitter couldn't stop talking about how he was cooked like a month ago. Keep that same energy now that he's on the Nets. I can promise you that their title hopes will have way more to do with Kyrie/Harden/Durant than it will with any of these buyout guys. Let's all just calm down.