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Congrats To The Big Homie Daddy Long Neck!!!


Let me tell ya- when this was sent in a content text chain, I could not have cared one bit less. No disrespect to Mr. Longneck or his missus, but this type of story generally does not interest my in the slightest. 


However, what I did not realize was Mr. Neck has 1.9 MILLION followers on Instagram.




Mind blowing.

I want to say this- I respect this guy so, so much for taking lemons and making lemonade. His bank account has to be so big at this point it would make his neck look small. And that's something I will always respect. If you asked me yesterday how many followers the dude with the long neck had, I'd probably have guessed 10,000. He made the round on the internet that day a couple years back, and that was that. NOPE. Dude is a full-out business. I wanted to see for comparison how many followers 1.9 million is, so for comparison's sake- Alex Cooper has 2.1 million. Alexander Ovechkin has….1.6 million. So yes, Long Neck is between Father Cooper and ALEXANDER OVECHKIN. Fucking mind blowing on a million billion trillion.

So congrats bro. The whole thing makes no sense to me, but it doesn't have to. But hopefully his kid comes out with a crazy neck too. If it has a normal neck, what's even the point?