Congrats To Indiana Basketball On Proving Its Irrelevancy - After Every Single Person Said No, They Are Apparently Hiring Mike Woodson


Indiana you bums! You fucking bums. Remember the Brad Stevens talk? Remember when it was Porter Moser? Remember when it was thinking you had a shot at Chris Beard? Remember when it was Scott Drew will surely love to come back to Indiana right? What about Chris Holtmann? 

 Instead you hired a 63-year old NBA assistant coach just because he played at Indiana. What a completely irrelevant program. This is the sort of move you see at like Florida International. 

Doug Benc. Getty Images.

Perhaps my favorite part of all this? Indiana paid Archie Miller $10 MILLION (thanks to boosters, etc) for this move. Everyone assumed there was some sort of verbal agreement with one of these can't miss coaches when that move was made. Nope. They just struck out on every single big name, they have pretty much the entire roster in the transfer portal and hired Mike Woodson. What recruit is getting excited to play for Mike Woodson? This isn't Juwan Howard. Kids know Juwan Howard. We're talking about a guy whose crowning achievement was that one good year with the Knicks. THAT'S WHO INDIANA HIRED! It's not even an anti-Woodson thing. He knows his x's and o's, but where's the recruiting? What's the reason for paying Archie $10 million just to make a move that is like your 6th option in the coaching search? 

Never change, Indiana. Never fucking change. Now if you excuse me. 


PS: This is at least a smart move. Probably should have just convinced him to be your head coach