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Bryson DeChambeau Spent His Saturday Night Doing Strange Bryson DeChambeau Things

I'd like to use a gif featuring Waka Flocka Flame to describe how I feel after watching that video of Bryson Dechambeau bro-ing out with his bros

Just a full on Bro Session with Bryson and his pals there. Tossing around the US Open trophy and banging out some reps, that's what Bryson DeChambeau does with his free time. That video reminds me of when you're a little kid and you find the family camcorder for the first time and decide to make stupid videos with your friends. You look back on the videos a few years down the road and realize just how stupid and cringe they were. I guess the difference between that scenario and that Bryson video is that Bryson is 27 years old. Whatever, man. Just some guys being dudes having themselves a raging Saturday night. Never change, Bryson. Or do. I still can't decide but he sure is..........something.