Tiger Is Playing Real Golf!

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Finally!  Have a fucking day, Tiger.  We’ve been looking for anything recently that shows Tiger is even a competent professional golfer and we finally got it.  He’s -8 at the Quicken Loans National and one shot off the led at the time of writing this.  Best back-to-back rounds he’s put together in what feels like a decade but probably more like two years.  It didn’t look that way when he bogeyed 3 of his first 4 holes during Thursdays round.  Felt like it was just another tournament that Tiger was gonna embarrass himself at but since then he’s been on fire.  Twirling clubs, swag steppin’, hitting almost every single green in regulation and rolling in some looooooooong putts like that 36 footer. It was fun following Tiger for the first time in ages and he’ll be playing the weekend with a chance to contend and win.  If you can’t get excited about that then you’re dead inside.  Golf is so much better when Tiger is even close to contention.  More than Rory.  More than Spieth.  It’s just different.  Even when it’s not a major.  We just wanna see him play well at any tournament.  Or at least I do and all of the other Tiger fanboys out there. We have gigantic boners right now.  And I know all of the jokes will be “Ohhhhhhhhhh HE’S BACK LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL” but let’s just enjoy this.  Buckle up.



PS- Please don’t shoot a 77 tomorrow, Eldrick.  Please.