How The Hell Did Max Abmas Miss?

How? How many times does it feel like we've seen the guy who has broken out during the Tournament hitting this sort of shot? This Tournament is already off the goddamn rails with Oregon State in the Elite 8, Oral Roberts in the Sweet 16, etc., so why not just continue to go that way? Max Abmas was the breakout star of the Tournament. He led the country in scoring but shit, America still can barely pronounce his last name correctly. The fact that he had that clean of a look. The fact it was that close. How? 

And listen, credit to Arkansas. Devo Davis hit this shot which was the game-winner: 

They fought back from a double digit deficit in the second half. They just keep surviving in this NCAA Tournament and that's all that matters. And yeah this is focusing on Oral Roberts because we've never seen a 15 seed this close to the Elite Eight. FGCU was never really in it against Florida when they made it. Oral Roberts led the majority of the game. They had the game. Shit, they were winning with just a little over a minute left. Yes, Jalen Tate posting up and driving was the difference along with Arkansas offensive rebounding. But, still.

I just can't believe Abmas missed. I can't believe Muss didn't throw all 5 guys on Abmas there. I can't believe the look was that clean. The guy finished with 25 and didn't leave the game.