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Where Does This Oral Roberts Cinderella Run Rank In The All-Time March Madness Greats?

So I'm sitting here writing this as we're getting ready for the Syracuse/Houston game to start. Because I work from home I spend A LOT of time having debates mostly with myself or with people over gchat. I can't help it, it's how I pass the time from blog to blog. Easily the biggest story is Oral Roberts right now. Second ever 15 seed to make the Sweet 16. Coming within a literal inch of the Elite Eight. Yes, I understand that Oregon State made the Elite Eight as a 12 seed, but it always feels different when we're talking a true mid-major vs a power conference team making a run. 

Oral Roberts had it all. The upsets of Ohio State and Florida. Max Abmas becoming a star. Kevin Obanor, the number 2 option, scoring 30 points in a game. They delivered three hell of a games with Ohio State going to OT, the comeback against Florida and then this Arkansas game coming down the stretch. That's what makes this run so special. Right off the bat ones that come to mind: 

George Mason making the Final Four as an 11 seed in 2006

VCU making the Final Four as an 11 seed in 2011 

Florida Gulf Coast making the Sweet 16 in 2013

Kent State making an Elite Eight in 2002 as a 10 seed

Loyola Marymount making an Elite Eight in 1990 as a 10 seed (RIP Hank Gathers) 

Loyola Chicago making a Final Four as an 11 seed in 2018

Davidson making an Elite Eight in 2008 as a 10 seed.

UMBC only won one game, so we won't truly count them as a true run. When I think of runs I think of at least to the second weekend. In a weird way they feel below FGCU if we're just focusing on 15 seeds because FGCU had the sweet nickname in Dunk City. They were the first to do it. But like I said, Oral Roberts actually had a chance to win the Sweet 16 game against a 3 seed. Florida beat FGCU by 12 and it wasn't really 'close' for the majority of the game. I don't know if we'll ever top George Mason. That's the one that always sticks out to me. Maybe I'm just rambling here, but this is what happens when we have 4 standalone games on a Saturday. 

This is more of a credit to Oral Roberts, Max Abmas and crew blog. He wasn't Steph, but he had that sort of feel to him. It felt like when he was pulling up from 30 feet it was going in. You just wanted to see what he'd do with the ball in his hands. Shit, unlike Steph he actually had the shot to win the game for them. Still can't believe Steph didn't get a shot off here to beat Kansas.

So I'll just leave it open ended. Where do you rank this run from a Cinderella standpoint?