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Montana Senator Says Out Loud, Intentionally, To A Crowd, Into Cameras, That He Misses Home Grown Meth

I'm standing in my home both crying and applauding simultaneously. Finally. Finally someone came out and said it. It's time to bring jobs back to America. No more of these foreign chefs in our kitchens. It's time to put the white and blue crystal back in the red, white and blue where it rightfully belongs. This cartel meth? Too pure. Simply too much meth. Nothing like the meth of yesteryear with its below 30% purity. That mellow meth you'd come home from work, kick off your shoes and unwind with. Take the edge off a bit. That's the meth this great nation yearns for at a time like this. I don't care which side of the aisle you find yourself on, this is the type of issue we can all rally behind and band together to make a reality in 2021. Support your local meth manufacturer, Montana. Investing in your community is investing in yourself.