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Who At Barstool Most Looks Like They Work At A Gas Station?


Yesterday Natalie (who I'm not positive isn't a Nick/KB gimmick account) sent out the above tweet that gained some traction in Barstool Twitter world. First things first- I don't know if that was supposed to be a shot at Barstool, at gas station attendants, or not a shot at all, but merely an observation. It probably was an unnecessary shot at gas station employees which is obviously bullshit, but I don't view it as a shot, mostly because gas station clerks are fucking awesome. And also because well...yeah we definitely do. Which raises the question- who at Barstool looks most like a gas station employee? There are many candidates to vote from:















If I had to vote, I'd go:

1) WSD

2)  Mike Grier

3) Quigs

4) Nick

5) PFT if he was taller


Honorable mentions:







For whatever reason, I see this and just laugh. Tommy is just a delight.



And my number 1 favorite picture in human history:





If looking like we work at a gas station is wrong, I don't want to be right.