Is Bryce Hall Hooking Up With Josie Canseco?

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae were the it couple in the TikTok world. Outside of Lil Huddy and Charlie D'amelio, there is not a more well-known couple in the viral game. 

Bryce and Addison started dating in 2020, broke up, got back together, and then broke up again recently. Bryce explained in the video above and on the BFFs pod that came out yesterday.

Now that we know that "BrAddison" is over, the question was what broke them up? Bryce claimed on the BFFs pod that he called it off and it had a lot to do with a situation from Vegas that involved some hookers (who doesn't have a situation like this?):

Here is a background on the hooker story:

SOURCE-The former Sway House member had been accused of cheating on Addison during a trip to Sin City in late February. Numerous outlets reported that Bryce's apparent infidelity contributed to the split. 

Bryce later tweeted that he "didn't cheat on Addison," but the damage had already been done. 

The rumors were fueled when a woman came forward who claimed to have hooked up with the TikTok star.

That woman who came forward was Dana Wolf:

Dana may be the fall person here, because there is something else at play…who in a weird way is also connected to Barstool. You remember Jose Canseco? The guy that fought Billy? His daughter is Josie Canseco.

Well, now, apparently, Bryce and Josie Canseco are a thing. 

You tell me who is the guy who built a billion-dollar sports company and the one who is the TikTok star….just an unbelievable clip.

Bryce went onto say that he and Josie "were just friends" but Dave, Josh, and Brianna all came to the conclusion that was a blatant lie.

The other storyline here is that Josie Canseco used to date Logan Paul. Why does that matter? Logan and Addison were recently spotted playing volleyball together, according to Bryce:

Sooooo these two relationships pretty much did a trade. THe sports and TikTok world aren't that much different when you really think about it.