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Jake Paul and Ben Askren Just Got Physical At Their First Press Conference

I'll be honest - I really wish I weren't writing about Jake Paul right now. 

I don't even feel as the MMA guy here at Barstool that blogging this fight is my 'lane', necessarily, even with a former MMA champion in Ben Askren taking on Paul, because it's such a weird celebrity pop culture-y thing it barely resembles anything I dig about MMA - but I don't think anyone else blogs on Friday nights, so here we are! I'm takin the weird celebrity pop culture-y pageviews for myself!

Jake Paul and Ben Askren just had their first press conference, and it went exactly as you'd expect....

Afterwards, they faced off and Ben kinda disrespectfully pushed Jake's face in, to which Paul....just....kinda slapped his side and then shoved him? 

I think the shove was just to make up for the weird side tap. I mean - what kinda response to get face smushed is that? I honestly think even I'd do better than that. Just lead with the shove, man!

While I think Ben could definitely put his gas tank to good use and grind out a dirty-boxing decision victory against Paul, I'm still not all that intrigued by the whole circus of it all. I just can't find the energy to care about Jake Paul's boxing career. I'm sorry.

Anyway, you guys see that new Suicide Squad trailer today? Shit was AWESOME!