Every Player In The NBA Named "Gary" Was Traded Yesterday...And It Only Gets Weirder


Look, some things in the universe don't make sense. There's no explanation. I mean shit, there's no real explanation for the universe in general. We're all One day a fish decided he wanted to go for a walk and now look at us. Makes absolutely not sense. Meanwhile, you ever go down those rabbit holes looking at the charts of how tiny we are compared the universe? We're just a grain of sand on a marble in an infinite universe. And we think that extra scoop of ice cream matters? Laugh out loud funny. Like, imagine thinking anything matters. And yeah, sometimes I blow my top over dumb shit. We all do. It's part of the human experience. Part of being alive. But at the end of the day, there's roughly 108 billion people who have ever existed, and you're just one of them. 

So keeping all that in mind, according to, there are 1,087,512 people in the United States with the first name "Gary". 


So maybe 1.3 million or so in the world? I assume some people in Europe name their kid Gary. I'd like to meet that girl Gary too. 

So out of 1.3 million Gary's, the fact that there are 3 humans currently alive named Gary in the NBA, and all 3 were traded yesterday, well that's just unexplainable. Gary Clark, Gary Harris, and Gary Trent. All 3 with the most basic, generic names, too. What is going on with the name Gary???? Is this part of a bigger Gary conspiracy? 



Literally while typing that last sentence I went to look up their middle names. But I found something even bigger. They are all "jr's". All 3 of them have the same name as their father. I am blown away right now. The universe man. The fucking universe. 





EDIT: It gets WEIRDER!!!