Watch Shark Sylvester Stallone Rip Someone In Half In First The Suicide Squad Trailer

I just really can't say anything until I show this again...

Holy fuck that's badass. No other way around it.

Want to know what makes it even cooler?

Sylvester Stallone! Watching this big shark, in jeans, by the way, rip people in half, and eat people…

Overall, I loved this trailer, and can't wait for the movie to come out in August. Expect me at the nearest IMAX theater to see this thing in all its glory. James Gunn was the right man for this job, and his brilliance of comic-comedy is perfect for these characters. From Idris Elba, to Margot Robbie, the surprisingly funny John Cena, and more, this whole movie lines up to be leagues better than the previous movie…


The previous movie (despite winning an Oscar) was a complete fucking mess. It was meddled with, drab, dreary, and featured nothing but paper-thin characters and villains. There was no real focus on the story or characters that made it remotely interesting. Whether there is a good cut (the Ayers Cut!) of the movie, or not, we may never know, but the previous version of this franchise couldn't quite figure out what it wanted to be.

Now, is there a chance this movie sucks? Sure! But I like what I see so far, even if the first movie also had a good trailer. There is a pop, and style to this movie that is incredibly compelling for its characters and subject matter. I realize the more serious tone of 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' worked and people (like myself) loved it, but that doesn't work for everything, and I believe 'The Suicide Squad' falls into that second bucket.

The movie drops in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6th, and I am fucking amped to watch this franchise get some new life.

Everything we've been told alludes to it being funny, badass, and fucking batshit crazy.

Also, P.S., folks…

Awesome poster!