Sometimes You Just Can't Beat A Good Old Fashioned "Fuck You"

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This video has been exploding all over the internet today and a lot of people are saying it's because of the Jenga phenomenon. Everyone everywhere is playing Jenga these days and rumors are flying that this guy is basically the best player east of the Mississippi with no honorable challenger in sight. Blah blah blah. Huge craze right now for the oversized wooden block stacking game of strategy and balance. 

To me though the real crux is the Fuck You at the end. As a big Fuck You guy in the heat of competition myself, that one resonated deeply. Couple dudes pregaming on Ikea furniture in a one-bed apartment with domestics and a fifth of American whiskey. Pinch me if that sounds unfamiliar but that truly sounds like the perfect back drop for a couple of dudes to turn Alexa up to level 10

Loser buys the Domino's

The competitiveness is second nature to a lot of men. That FUCK YOU was more instinct than anything, and that's what I love about it. The ease and grace in which it flows. The power and impact it imparts. That guy wanted to win so bad there and he didn't get it. I love it. 


Some other great reactionary cursing: 

Aw mother fucker - when you see a parking ticket on your car windshield 

This fuckin guy - someone changes lanes in front of you

Get fucked - you've been disrespected 

My fuckin ass - you don't believe something

Who the fuck - you get a phone call 

Go Fuck Yourself - best used in a work environment 

Fuck Me - things ain't going too well. welcome to the club. 

I know there's more developed interpretations but those are the first ones that jump to mind. Which ones did I miss?