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Former Lacrosse Legend Chris Hogan Goes Undrafted in the PLL Entry Draft

In case you were not aware, because it's truly been one of the least talked about, most under reported stories in American life these past few years, Chris Hogan was a college lacrosse player. No, no really. It's surprising, since he's known for catching passes in three straight Super Bowls and winning two rings. But for realsies, he was a lax bro at Penn State. Despite the fact it was never discussed when he was in the NFL. 

And last month, his pro football career over, Hogan declared himself eligible for pro lacrosse at the age of 33:

The PLL draft was yesterday. And for now at least, it would appear that dream died hard.

Source - Twenty-four picks later, Chris Hogan is still not on a professional lacrosse roster.

The former Penn State midfielder went undrafted in the three-round Premier Lacrosse League Entry Draft Thursday night.

Out of high school, Hogan was recruited as a midfielder and played for four years as a Nittany Lion.

As a junior, he led the blue and white with 34 points on 29 goals and five assists.

I admit that what I don't know about the PLL draft could fill the Library of Congress. But there's shame in Chris Hogan being eligible an not being selected. Just none of it on Chris Hogan. The shame is all on the teams that passed on him. Not merely because he was a team captain for the Nittany Lions, but because he's Chris fricking Hogan.

Some guys are just born to be winners, in whatever field of endeavor they choose to pursue. It's in their DNA. The same gene that made Hogan a two sport athlete in college, first Penn St. lax and then Monmouth football, and made him a huge success as an UDFA in NFL, would make him a PLL champion.

This is a man who played in nine postseaon games in New England and produced 34 receptions on 54 targets for 542 yards, a 15.94 YPC average, and four touchdowns. And who, for my money, was on the receiving end of the clutchest throw in Tom Brady's career. A catch overshadowed by the insane acrobatic catch by Julian Edelman two plays later. With 3:17 left in regulation of Super Bowl LI against Atlanta. Down by 8. Facing a 3rd & 10 on the Patriots 9 yard line (cued up to 2:31:50):

Hogan split high/low bracket coverage with an out route as Brady threw dime between the defenders to keep hope alive. Any man who can keep his wits and his focus about him in a huge moment like that can certainly play middie for the Chaos or the Whipsnakes. Regardless of his age or how long he's been out of organized lacrosse. 

So let's face it, Chris Hogan didn't blow this, Premiere Lacrosse blew this. If anyone in that league has a brain in their head, they'll sign this champion of champions as a UDFA, just like the Buffalo Bills did back in 2012. If not, if they all choose to pass on an opportunity like this, the PLL doesn't deserve to survive.