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This Atrocious Gameplay (And Thinking) By White Sox Dave In Verdansk Should Be Donated To Science

This entire clip should be sent directly to Vienna to have the brightest scientists and psychologists study how livestock make decisions in real time. Good God, David. How embarrassing can one be at every level of life? And that battle at the end, Shades of Petty Officer Honk...

Barbarically barbaric. As for ROTC Dave, we're entering Verdansk again for the first time in a LONG time today. Possible results:

Will Dave somehow shoot everything other than an enemy resulting in 0 kills, 0 damage in every single drop?  Will we find a way to actually kill each other in real life (actually plausible)?  Will WSD's beard grow past his eyeballs and devour his entire face making him incapable of seeing? Yes to all of the above. I mean, just look at this incompetence doing simple tasks in gameplay a 4-year-old would dominate:   

Let's dance in Verdansk.

PS - Obligatory.