I'll Never Forget The Buffalo Wild Wings I Was At For The Greatest Sports Comeback Of My Life

Probably one of my strongest memories ever is posting up at the Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings with my uncle Bobby and my roommate Pat. Well he wasn't my roommate then because we were just like 15 years old or whatever but he's been my roommate for like basically the last 7 years. Great dude. Super fucking smart. Won a state championship with him back in '06 in a fucking blowout against Mt. Carmel. He was at B dubs. I think my other friend Ryan was there too can't remember. My friend Mike was on vacation with his parents so he missed out but it was fucking crazy.  

I was supposed to DD my uncle Bobby but then Pat's cousin was there. Super rich guy. He was buying drinks for everyone so we were sneaking SoCo lime shots. First time I ever did those shots I got so fucking wasted man. Made the boneless so much more delicious. We mixed and matched so many sauces. 

I look up halfway through the 3rd quarter or whatever the 2nd half you know what I mean and the Illini ARE GETTING KILLED. My Uncle Bobby dips out to go to an OTB for like 20 minutes. We all pick a horse but none of them win. I was close though. Apparently it got edged out by like a nose and it was 30 to 1 so that would have been awesome. My Uncle Bobby has this thing where he always hits the 16th horse he bets in odd numbered months. Been doing it for years. I guess my horse was the seventeenth he picked that March so I literally just missed out. Just missed it man. 

But the Illini game. 

Awesome fucking game. Super wasted with the boys at Buffalo Wild Wings. Had baseball practice the next day that was a complete shit show. 

I remember them being down a lot with a little bit of time left and then Dee Brown just went off. Deron Williams was there. Arizona never saw it coming. They had that one good shooter. He had no clue what was going one when Illinois came back to beat them. Fifteen points or whatever it was with 3 minutes left. Just crazy stuff. 

Honestly just one of the best days and memories of my life. 

Illinois vs. Arizona. 2005. Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Never Forget.