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Xavier Fan Creates A Fake Reporter Account And Tricks The Internet Into Thinking Cincinnati Fired John Brannen ... How Does This Keep Happening?

Meet Markus Walters, a fake account started by a Xavier fan to troll Cincinnati because that rivalry never sleeps. Sure, it gets old with the same lame jokes about how many Final Fours Xavier has made and how Xavier just keeps beating Cincinnati, but these people hate each other. I'm a big fan of watching them hate each other. So Markus here has a history of tricking Cincinnati fans and the Internet into fake rumors: 

Well done. All correctly laid out as if this is a real thing, but here's my question. How the fuck do people keep falling for this? Just look for a blue checkmark. If you don't see a blue checkmark wait to see someone with one talking about it. Instead we had a bunch of people tweeting this and then deleting said RT's. It was so much that it started trending here in Cincinnati. Still wish more people referred to this as getting J-Mac'd. Nobody was better at falling for shit like this than J-Mac. 

Now here's the thing, it might actually be true. Or at least turn out true. Cincinnati has been weirdly quiet putting out like a 'John is our coach, we're thrilled to see the future with him.' There have been rumors left and right that there's at least a debate on him being fired. Well, mostly because of this: 

But, again, how the fuck do you fall for this? How does it keep happening? It's 2021. People aren't new to Twitter. We're running like 8+ years on this thing where people do this. It's so simple to avoid now. But credit to this Xavier fan. This is how a rivalry survives.