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Sick League: Dwight Howard Gets Tossed From Game After Getting Lightly Shoved. Yes, You Read That Correctly

The other day, NHL referee Tim Peel was essentially fired for making a make-up call in a game and getting caught on a hot mic admitting that said call was only made because he wanted to give the team a penalty earlier in the game. He was going to retire next month anyway so he wasn't technically fired (that way he can still get his pension and everything). But he was taking off of all the games left on his remaining schedule. 

So if an NHL ref can pretty much get fired for a make-up call, then I don't know what this NBA ref deserves for tossing Dwight Howard out of the game for getting shoved. Jail time, probably. We're not talking about even being the player guilty of the shoving. This man got shoved, and then was told his night was over. For what? For bumping into a guy and trying to annoy him a little bit? That is apparently too much for the game to handle? That basically makes you the next Ron Artest? Siiiiiiiiiiick league.