We Had ANOTHER Cheating Scandal In The Barstool College Gaming Championship

Say it ain't so, NYU! Thank you for taking a break from thinking you're better than everyone else to go out of your way to cheat in a tournament worth nothing Eternal Glory. The Violets (seriously) featuring "LickMeDaddy" (even more seriously) were destined for a dynasty of glory, but alas, they got GOT. 

And, yes, reverse boosting is officially cheating. We cleared it up after the last debacle and instituted multiple Broom Rules to ensure what happened in our first tournament never occurs again.

Akin to Icarus, LickMeDaddy just flew too close to the sun. Tis a damn shame.  As for now, myself, Mrags, Skullface, and service member Freddie B. Lurkin are dropping down in the Veterans In Verdansk tournament LIVE NOW. 

Let's dance.