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If You Refuse To Drink Iced Coffee In The Winter Then You're A Soft Human Being



This has bothered me for a while. People who refuse to drink Iced Coffee in the winter. People that say because its below 50 degrees they can’t have Ice in their drink. Its fucking crazy to me. And let me be perfectly clear. I drink both hot and iced coffee. I like them both. Its a mood thing. So I’m not trying to be a Hardo saying I drink iced coffee all year around, but I definitely drink it in the winter whenever I want. I just don’t understand how people can shut off drinking Iced Coffee for 5 months of the year.Why would you refuse something so delicious just because its cold and the drink is cold too? Iced Coffee is the best. Its the perfect blend of refreshment/stimulant. Doesn’t give you that dry, dehydrated coffee taste in your mouth that hot coffee does, and you can drink it at any pace you want. Half the time I get a hot coffee I end up with that last quarter of lukewarm liquid. Iced Coffee lasts for hours. I’m a man of leisure, I want my drink to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.


So someone please explain it to me. Its 20 degrees in Chicago today. I had an iced coffee this morning. It didn’t make me any colder than I already was. It was like drinking a bottle of water or a nice cold beer. Who gives a fuck how cold it is, Iced Coffee is delicious 24/7/365.


Barstool Results On Iced Coffee Debate


Mo and Pres – Both said I was a lunatic and they drink coffee seasonally. Pres even has an exact date. He says Oct 5 – May 5th is all hot. So if May 4th is 100 degrees outside he will still drink hot coffee. But yeah, I’m the lunatic

Neil – Said he almost always drinks hot Coffee, even in the summer as long as its not over 90 degrees. Said if he drinks iced coffee he drinks it too fast and his stomach hurts.

KFC - Had the second biggest Hardo reply. Said Coffee Drinkers are “Mental Midgets” and that coffee does nothing.

Feitelberg – Had the number 1 Hardo reply probably ever – Said he doesn’t drink coffee because he “runs on pure adrenaline 24/7″. Who are you trying to impress bro?

Kmarko and Jmac- Are with me, agree that Iced Coffee should be enjoyed anytime anywhere. I always knew those guys were sneaky brilliant.