Sign Me Up For The Steven Cheah Proposed Seahawks-Jets-Bears Trade

Fucking Andy Dalton. But also...

All of this makes me want to puke. I am still desperately holding on to hope that things will change, something drastic will happen, and the Bears will provide us with a glimmer of hope. My desperation has led me to one man...

Steven Cheah had his mock draft 3.0 and yes, I read it. You can too. Here is the link

This is the trade break down

2) TRADE Seattle Seahawks (via New York Jets) - QB Zach Wilson (BYU)

Trade Details - Seattle sends Russell Wilson to New York Jets. New York Jets send #2 overall pick, #23 overall pick, a 2nd round pick (#51 overall) and a 2022 2nd round pick to Seattle. New York sends Sam Darnold and #34 overall pick to Chicago. Chicago sends #20 overall pick to Seattle.

Wow, a lot to process here off the top. The truth is, Seattle is rebuilding and they only have three picks in this year's draft: a 2nd, a 4th, & a 7th. So they won't be getting much more talent around Mr. Unlimited soon. So they decide to fully commit to a rebuild in this scenario and deal their franchise QB to New York and get a bevvy of picks back. They'll now have THREE 1sts this year and also net a 2nd round pick next year! Adam Schefter has also said that Seattle is still open to dealing Russell Wilson and we've seen Seahawks GM John Schneider doing his due diligence on other Quarterbacks. Despite not having a 1st round pick, he was at Trey Lance's Pro Day and I expect him to be wowed at Zach Wilson's Pro Day on Friday. The reason I believe a deal hasn't been done so far is that in this pandemic year, a lot of teams haven't gotten to be on the field with players. I think once Schneider and the Seahawks do, they're going to find a deal a lot more appealing.

This trade makes sense for everyone involved. The Seahawks get the picks and QB they need to do a full rebuild. The Jets get their man. Russ gets to NYC. The Bears get a young QB they can groom. And don't forget that Schefter says that Seattle likes Dalton. He could be thrown into the deal as the stable pony for Zach Wilson. This seems to make sense for everyone involved. 

Here is why I like the idea for the Bears and it's the same reason why I liked the idea of signing Jacoby Brissett. There is enough talent there and enough potential to give you a little bit of hope. Darnold is a HUGE boom or bust guy. To be totally honest…he is not one of "my college quarterbacks". I never liked him at USC. IF it works out though, the Bears have their guy for the next several years. It's not impossible for a light switch to go on for a guy with as much natural talent as Darnold. 

Darnold could obviously leave a smoldering crater by the lake and you know what…that is good too. If he is a colossal failure then Pace and Nagy are for sure fired. The Bears can start over without having to give up a ton of draft capital which would hinder the future rebuild for the next regime. That's why I was never fully on board with a trade for Russ or Watson. The worst possible place for the Bears to be is in that 8-8 to 10-6 range. That is the Andy Dalton territory. If the Bears add help at RT, WR, and CB in the draft then it's entirely possible that they middle themselves into mediocrity forever. That is the worst possible place to be. That is why I am utterly disgusted with the Dalton signing and why I am clinging to any hope of anything else including the Steven Cheah mock draft. 

We talked about this at length on redline this week. Eddie doesn't give a fuck. I still have one fuck to give.