This Black Bear Taking A Quick Dip In This Dude's Hot Tub Is The Purest Of Vibes

The life of a bear ain't easy. This bear has to wake up every morning and be one of the baddest dudes on the block. They're big. They're mean. They're scary. And rarely do they ever get to take a day off. 

So when this particular bear came across this jacuzzi, he couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little much needed R&R. The water is warm. Maybe the jets hit you in a spot that you didn't necessarily think you'd enjoy the sensation of but turns out it was actually an enjoyable experience. But we can just keep that between us. And when you're floating around in a hot tub, nothing else outside of that tub matters. It's like you have the remote to life and you just hit the pause button for a few minutes. Your cares go away and all you're left with are vibes. 

I just wish the dude filming here had the decency to bring that bear a beverage. I'm sure he was a little "terrified for his life" and everything. But the least you could do is crack open an ice cold can of High Noon for this bear to let him really kick back. Nothing better than a cold bev in a hot tub. Maybe next time, which there most certainly will be. And next time I bet he brings a lady friend in there with him.