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Ho Hum, Just Your Casual Pipe Bomb Scare On A Wednesday Night In Downtown Chicago

What a night in Streeterville.

Sirens and roads blocked off all over the place for what's seemed to be most of the late afternoon and evening. 

The police scanners said they found a dead body early this morning (Wednesday at 12:30AM) in the highrise at 240 E Illinois (right by University of Chicago's downtown campus and NBC Tower). 

Then word leaked out that they were investigating a meth lab in the building...

Then the bomb squad got called…

Then they announced pipe bombs were found in this fuckin guy's refrigerator and they evacuated the building and area…

Then everything got closed off-

Then the bomb squad took the bombs out and transported them (to where?) in a motorcade. Kinda like Batman 3

This probably won't even make the news tomorrow because it wasn't sensational enough to crack the top 10 most fucked up things that have happened in the last 24 hours. But thought it was worth keeping people abreast of the situation. 

p.s. - CPD don't get paid nearly enough for the shit they gotta deal with

p.p.s.- Apparently, this guy was an MIT grad?