Bruce Buffer's ELECTRIC Ring Introduction For Mike Tyson Begs The Question, Who Is The Better Buffer Brother?

Legendary UFC announcer Bruce Buffer was on 'Hotboxin with Mike Tyson' with week, and in the midst of the interview, he gave Mike Tyson an introduction so epic that it prompted a visceral reaction in Tyson to stand up and start posing like he was in the center of the god damn ring....

Our friend Kaz then tweeted that Bruce Buffer > Michael Buffer….

….which is a statement I couldn't possibly agree with any more!

Michael Buffer is a complete legend who I have the utmost respect for, don't get me wrong; I mean the guy even did a pizza review for cryin out loud….

….but his brother Bruce just brings a ferociousness to combat sports that Michael never had in him. I don't think Michael gets Tyson outta his chair during that podcast, for example. 

That's because for Michael, I think it's more about the ~elegance of the sweet science~ so the voice behind that is very old school and classy. 

For Bruce, though, it's about one thing and one thing only: INTENSITY - which means he's screaming his face off SO loud and SO impassioned that you never know if he's gonna tear his motherfuckin ACL into pieces in the center of the octagon! 

Not to mention "IIIIT'S TIME!" being the perfect final adrenaline rush before a huge title fight in this day and age….

Again, no offense to Michael Buffer, but the ol' "Let's get ready to rumble!" had its time (which was Starrcade 97), but that time is over. Now it's "IIIIT'S TIME!"'s time. Know what I'm sayin?

P.S. I don't know how exclusive Buffer's UFC contract is, but I'd love for him to announce Tyson to the ring just once now that he's doing these Roy Jones Jr/Evander Holyfield "Legends League" fights. I mean, c'mon - that introduction is just awesome, ain't it?