If You're A Marvel Fan, Would You Rather Watch Black Widow On Disney+ Or See It In Theaters?

As I'm sure you might've seen by now, 'Black Widow' (originally scheduled for a May 2020 release) was delayed for a fourth time yesterday, now slated to hit theaters AND Disney+ Premium Access on July 9th....which is my birthday!

Unfortunately, the whole "Disney+ Premium Access" thing means 'Black Widow' won't be included with your normal $7.99/month Disney+ subscription; instead, it'll be put behind another $30 paywall on the app. This is what they did with 'Mulan' and 'Raya and the Last Dragon' recently, I'd basically call it their pandemic model.

This Summer is still a ways away, however, and who knows - if we're all vaccinated by July, we may be able to experience 'Black Widow' on opening night at the theaters like old times! Imagine that?! Cheering for the Marvel intro, laughing with a crowd at the goofy jokes, all getting a glimpse of what's to come together while watching the post-credits scene, all that fun premiere stuff!

So Clem and I are puttin the question out to you - if you're a Marvel fan who is excited for this movie (and I think you should be, by the way - it looks like 'Red Sparrow' meets 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'), are you gonna hold out on the Disney+ watch as soon as it drops in favor of the theater experience....or will you be too eager knowing the movie is out there? I'm still undecided.