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Martin’s is one of the last handmade pretzel bakeries left in the country. In the middle of the Great Depression in 1935, the Martin family began hand-crafting these extraordinary Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels, which first appeared in New York’s Union Square Greenmarket in 1982.



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Since 1935 my great great uncle started the bakery and I’m now the fourth generation to own the business. We’re one of the few pretzel bakeries left in the country that still make a handmade, old fashioned style pretzel. In 1982 we started selling in the NYC Greenmarkets and still do to this day. We also have shipped all across the nation and in parts around the world. One of the characteristics of our pretzels that makes us stand out above all other is how we make these pretzels. They’re rolled and twisted by hand and then baked in a stone hearth oven. And Dave probably knows the difference between a pizza baked in a stone hearth oven vs. a conventional oven. This give the pretzel a unique flavor unlike any other. I moved the business to a new and large facility to scale manufacturing in October of 2020 we baked are first pretzel and we where booked till February 2021. But then on December 12th 2020 my bakery burned to the ground. The cause and origin has not been determined and remains a mystery. We lost all the contents, the building, and my other business attached to it. Also the pandemic has affected our markets in the city for the past year. I appreciate your consideration, big fan!