Chase Claypool Got Caught Up In A Bar Fight And Kicked A Man In The Face

One thing I've never quite understood about the internet is how people love to talk all high and mighty about street fights. Like there are rules or some shit. The amount of fights I've seen start with two adults face to face screaming at each other only to read the comments and see people claim a sucker punch was thrown is mind-boggling. As if both parties are supposed to strike an accord as to when, where, and how the fight should commence. If you wanna bring duels back just say that. I don't know why they fell out of favor in the first place. If two consenting adults agree to pistols at dawn, that's their business. 

I say all that to say this: people will harp on this kick to the face like it was the worst thing that's ever happened. I don't care about that. You can hardly see it, you hear it more than anything, but - in my estimation - it's high time we stop acting like there's rules to bar room brawls and street fights. You play to win the game. Someone on the other side is on the ground in a vulnerable position, that's his problem. Shouldn't have been on the ground in the first place, dumb dumb. There's a fight going on you idiot what are you doing on the ground for? 

I will say: Claypool's pal saw him throw that kick and instantly put the fear of GOD into Chase's soul. He walked him out of there like a parent taking a screaming kid out of Toys R Us. I had to watch it back several times to make sure they were on the same side because of how menacing a march he made right at Chase. That's a guy everyone needs in their circle: someone who will not fuck up the money for everyone.