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Dude Got An Oral Roberts Tattoo On His Ass After Guaranteeing Florida Would Beat Them

Is this a crazy person move that's getting attention? 100%. But I have to give credit to Kyle here. So many times we see people make promises that they'd get a tattoo or something of the like and then bails out. Happens way more than people actually going through with it. So I'm going to applaud Kyle here for getting 'Oral Roberts Tattoo' on his ass. my only complaint is he should have gotten a better one. Oral Roberts actually has a pretty good logo! 

Get the muscular chicken on your ass. Way better than 'Oral Roberts tattoo.' Yes, I understand the joke. It's just not that funny. If you're going to go through with it, pick one of the logos and ride with that. At the minimum get Max Abmas basketball jersey. 

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

At the minimum get Smitty on the phone for how to go about ass tattoos: 

I am glad that Oral Roberts has Max Abmas and Kevin Obanor though. The last 15 seed was awesome to get there. Dunk City, A+ nickname. Better colors. They were legit fun and Andy Enfield was married to a Maxim model. 

Damian Dovarganes. Shutterstock Images.
David J Phillip. Shutterstock Images.
David J Phillip. Shutterstock Images.

Oral Roberts can't dance on campus. They can't drink. They can't gamble, which makes this bet even more hilarious. Actually, it makes it even more hilarious that they are participating in one of the most bet on events in the world. Shit, Oral Roberts can't even have skateboards!

Abmas and Obanor are at least fun as shit. But back to the tattoo if you didn't go logo, should have went with these giant ass hands on campus.