We Have an NHL Ref on a Hot Mic Admitting He Fucked the Nashville Predators on Purpose

"It wasn't much, but I wanted to get a fucking penalty against Nashville..."

Now what in the ever-loving fuck is this shit?! If I am to believe Twitter, this referee is a fella named Tim Peel and I have, in the last 10 minutes, become of the opinion that we should shitcan this guy and have him go officiate some youth league games until he can develop a bit of impartiality and then we'll re-assess where he's at in a couple years.

Only in the NHL would this happen. Not refs being incompetent and screwing teams over, that happens everywhere. But only the NHL would have it on a hot mic and somehow broadcast it to the world mere minutes later. I suppose the League's incompetence actually helped us for once in this situation, though.

But again, what — and I cannot stress this next part enough — the fuck is this? How many officials does the NHL have out there going rogue and calling penalties against teams for funsises? Here is the "penalty" in question:

I mean, that's very clearly not a penalty, but I just can't get over Peel's brazenness talking about how he was actively choosing to fuck one team. This is the sports equivalent of O.J. Simpson writing a book called "If I Did It."

Tim Peel is an enemy forever. Somebody needs to do something about this. It's the NHL, so they won't. But somebody should.