The Orioles Are Building A Massive Complex In The Dominican Republic And It's About To Be Over For The AL East

Hope everyone in the AL East had fun, because you're officially on watch. Not only do the Orioles have a top 5 farm system in baseball, they just announced they're building a MASSIVE baseball complex in the Dominican Republic to help that will basically be a home base to the Dominican players and helping grow their game and international operations. This is an absolute game changer for the birds. 

The Orioles had been on the wrong side of the international market for a long time and that has recently changed. They basically ignored it all together. Dan Duquette and Peter Angelos for some reason just didn't want to explore the market for players, which is weird because some of the best players in the game have been signed on the international market. Weird thing to neglect. When Mike Elias took over after the 2018 season right away he made it known that the Orioles were going to be spenders in the international market, it's dumb not to be involved. 

So what is the best way to get the next Jasson Dominguez, Xander Bogaerts, Jose Altuve, or Miguel Cabrera? Build this state of the art facility on 22.5 acres of land and make it a master complex where these future studs can work out, practice, live, and do anything else they want while prepping to be big leaguers. This place is going to have anything, it's basically a college campus. Dorms, 3 full fields, analytics buildings, diners, turf fields, admin buildings, educational buildings, gyms, it has it all. It's more than just a pitching mound and a batting cage, its going to mold these prospect into the future of the Orioles. It's not just a baseball facility, you're basically going to have anything you need within walking distance, how could you beat that?

I can't get enough of the pictures and videos, they're beautiful. The whole thing is way overdue for the Birds and hopefully this helps make up some of the ground. If they have a top 5 farm system without dipping their toes into the international waters than who knows what kind of damage they can do if they sign some top talent. It will be the home for all the Latin American prospects too, not just Dominican Republic kids, hopefully that place is flooded with talent. A lot of Orioles fans bitched about not spending money and penny pinching, well it looks like a good chunk of it was going here so I think that makes it okay. Hopefully this is a hell of a recruiting tool for some of those international free agents, going to make it hard to pass up being an Oriole when you have access to this awesome campus. I kind of want to move there.