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After Ten Years On The Market, Michael Jordan Once Again Slashes The Price On His Monstrosity Of A Mansion

Source -  Michael Jordan hasn’t slam-dunked a buyer on his Illinois mansion in its nine years on the market, The Post has learned.

Jordan, 58, purchased the Highland Park estate with his wife at the time, Juanita Vanoy, in 1991 for $2 million – the same year he won his first of six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan initially listed the 7-acre home in 2012 for a whopping $29 million. But without any offers, the nine-bedroom, 16-bathroom abode is now on the market for $14,855,000.  In 2013, one year after the property first hit the market, the price fell to $21 million. It was then relisted the same year for $16 million. Jordan has not budged on a new price since it hit $14.8 million in 2015. 

Even after last year’s hit ESPN documentary series about Jordan, “The Last Dance,” no offers have been made on the house.

Damn. You really do hate to see it. Michael Jordan, worth $1.6 BILLION, cannot offload his Chicago-based mega mansion. Which is strange considering how many fans he has. You'd think at lease one of them is rich enough AND crazy enough to drop $15 million to feel a little closer to their idol. Especially considering how much customization went into the home. Check out the tour of his property below...

Gross. Imagine buying that and having people over to your house? It'd be embarrassing. You'd literally have to de-customize the entire the place to make it feel like your own. 

The details: 

The compound was built from scratch over a span of four years and officially completed in 1995. 

Jordan’s white, contemporary-style mansion has 56,000 square feet of space on three levels. It was renovated extensively in 2009. The main house has five fireplaces, numerous skylights and a gourmet chef’s kitchen.

Other features of the home are a full-size indoor basketball court, which was added in 2001, an outdoor tennis court and three separate multi-car garages. Additional amenities include a movie theater, cigar room, poker room and wine cellar.

There is also a separate three-bedroom guesthouse. Jordan also planted 40-foot evergreen trees at the Heller Nature Center across the street to block views of his property.

Alright maybe it's not that bad but still, having the number 23 scribbled on every surface in your home has got to be bizarre. Even though the house is discounted chances are no one will buy it. It'll sit vacant for years like Tyson's house the only difference is Jordan will have it up-kept. He should just give it to one of his kids. That or keep it as a crash pad. I don't know. Best of luck to MJ on getting rid the property, I'm sure it's a very stressful time for him.