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Hey Zack Greinke How Do You Feel About Being Named Opening Day Starter? "Never Cared About It. Still Don't Care About It."

What a gem Zack Greinke is. A few weeks back we had the story of him trying to make a fantasy football trade in the middle of a mound visit, we also had him saying the only milestone he cares about is the 10 homers/10 stolen bases club, and now we have a reporter asking him what it's like to be named the Opening Day starter and it went about as well as we'd hoped it would.

"Never cared about it. Still don't care about it."

He basically is the Jay Cutler "DONT CAREEEEEEEE" story come to life. Zack Greinke doesn't give a shitttttt if he's the Opening Day starter of if he's the 5th game starter. I would be willing to bet Greinke doesn't even know when Opening Day is. He probably just shows up to the ballpark and notices all the ballots, the bunting, the bight lights, and is like "hmm, someone must be having a party." My guess is he'll know it's Opening Day when he steps on the field and sees the painted words "OPENING DAY 2021". He's such a unique person that I 100% believe this comment too. He doesn't care, he never did. He wants to go out there, throw 56 MPH off speed junk and go home. 

Zack Greinke is a quote machine and I love it. Most unintentional funny player of all time. He's just cut from a different cloth. I really hope he makes the Hall Of Fame because I don't think there is a chance he shows up. Or just comes up and has the best speech ever. No real in-between. I need a full season of Greinke quotes real bad.