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Zack Greinke Once Tried To Make A Fantasy Football Trade In The Middle Of A Mound Visit

This is just another reason why Zack Greinke is an absolute treasure. He's gotten a lot of shit before for how he handles the media with his social anxiety and all that, but he really does seem like a super funny, interesting guy. This is a perfect example why. AJ Ellis, his former catcher on the Dodgers seemed to have a pretty strong relationship. Greinke was on MLB Network Radio this week getting ready for the 2021 season and mentioned a story about a time where Ellis came out to the mound in a big spot to try and either figure out strategy or to calm down Greinke. Zack responded with a fantasy football trade proposal right there on the mound. Almost straight out of Bull Durham. 

He's just wired differently, and I love it. You got guys like Max Scherzer who would probably try and eat your face off if you tried to talk to him about fantasy football while on the mound in a big spot, meanwhile Greinke is trying to trade DK Metcalf for Kyler Murray and the 5th pick in your keeper league. I know it'll never happen, but I need Greinke mic'd up every start, would have been gold to hear this. I'm sure it instilled some calmness and confidence in Ellis and more than likely Zack got out of the jam. They don't make em like Greinke anymore.