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The Redskins Have Signed Junior Galette To a 1 Year Deal

I blogged about this yesterday and where I’m at with caring about who plays on my football team. Guess what? Your favorite team has at least one scumbag. It’s the way of the world. But this is the NFL. Does the guy have 22 sacks over the last 2 seasons? Yep. Is he coming into his prime? Yep. Does he make my team better? Yep. Do I respect him as a human being? Can’t say I do.

All I want him to do is sack the quarterback. I don’t care who picks up my garbage every Tuesday (no offense to the garbage man) and I don’t care who is edge blitzing for my football team on 3rd down as long as they both show up and do the job. And Galette does the job pretty well. If he does something stupid, he’s cut. Simple as that. And maybe..hopefully..he sees this as his last opportunity and will get his shit together and not be a fucking asshole. The NFL is the land of 1,000 opportunities, and he’s cashing one of his in now. Getting a player of his caliber for the veteran minimum is an absolute steal. We will see what happens.