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What's The One Consistent Thing That Convinced Kenny Golladay, Adoree' Jackson, And Kyle Rudolph To Sign With The Giants? Talking With Joe Judge AKA The Wolf Of East Rutherford

NJ.com- "What sold me was just him being straight forward and straight up," Jackson said of Judge. "It was comfortable just being able to talk to a coach, your head coach - being that comfortable and talk face to face, a laugh here, a laugh there, and to be able to kinda relate, in a sense, and understand each other. So that's one of the things that sold me about this culture he's bringing, it's something that you feel and you know. ... Everything that he was saying was lining up with what I wanted to be as a player and what I wanted to do as player for the team aspect, it just made sense for me." 

Wait a goddamn minute here! Last offseason I was told that the Giants hiring of Coach Judge was going to be a disaster because no players would want to play for a guy that made professional athletes run a couple of laps, held their coaches accountable to the same standard by making them run laps too, and had the unmitigated GALL to work for the greatest HC in NFL history that has produced some of the worst Patriot copycats outside of this schmuck. 

I'm not sure if Detroit, Minnesota, and Tennessee don't have ESPN or the internet, but all those broadcasters and ex-NFL players were absolutely convinced that Coach Judge was Matt Patricia without the beard, the pencil, or the rocket science knowledge. Why did Kenny Golladay, Kyle Rudolph, and Adoree Jackson even pick up the phone? Maybe Coach Judge makes a hell of a microwave popcorn during those signature recruiting sleepovers with Golladay and Jackson while Big Country Kyle Rudolph strikes me as a guy who appreciates a man that clearly gives out as firm a handshake as the Hulk. Or maybe he's simply able to fire his troops up like Vince Lombardi before closing deals like Jordan Belfort.

I suppose there is a chance that the hot take machines on all the networks were just talking out of their asses about someone they had never heard of before Ian Rapoport tweeted his name into our lives that fateful January day. Nahhhh. That's not how the media works in the 2020s! 

I'm sure a good chunk of John Mara's cash didn't hurt. But all three referencing this person as the reason they signed with Big Blue has me feeling pretty good considering the last two coaches were fucking nincompoops.


I will die for that man. I will kill for that man. I will run around my house like a fucking dipshit while my family looks on in horror for that man.

Fuck it, we're running a lap!