Our Long National Nightmare Is Over - Survivor Production Has Resumed In Fiji

Excuse me for a second...

Our long national nightmare is finally over. After not filming for nearly two years, Survivor production is finally resuming in Fiji for Season 41 (and presumably season 42 right after that). 

We've seen reports that they were resuming soon, but seeing that video of Jeff officially out on the island in his Survivor outfit was enough to bring a tear to my eye. And that quarantine lettuce is a magnificent look. Never seen JP with hair that long. You can also tell how genuinely excited he is to be back. The man loves what he does and we love him. 

This will likely film until May and air in the fall, with Season 42 filming right after this finishes and airing in Spring 2022. From everything I've read online, it seems like they finally got travel approval from the Fiji government and are following all the necessary quarantine protocols. All crew members and contestants have had to/will have to follow quarantine protocols. Let's just pray nothing else gets in that way at this point. 

I don't think it's hyperbole to say this is one of the most important seasons in the show's history. Survivor has enjoyed a Renaissance over quarantine. More people than ever are binge watching it. Getting two (great) seasons on Netflix was huge, hooking people in to rewatch other seasons on Hulu, CBS All-Access, and now Paramount Plus (which I doubt anyone actually has). Also, a very popular media/entertainment company put out their own, completely different version of the show which was a huge success and had a great, really handsome winner. 

Survivor has to nail this season. Keep it fresh, but also don't go reinventing the wheel. Survivor has been in the "Twists and Advantages Era" recently, but they can't let that go too far and stray away from what makes this show great. The most important thing is having a good cast, and they've had plenty of time to nail this one down. I am very excited. 

And once again, it's never too late to get into Survivor. Here is my recommended watch guide. 

I have gotten so many messages from people saying they followed this to start the show and love it. It warms my heart. Even just here in the office, Nate, Big Ev, Chuck, Ria, Lil Sas and others have been on Survivor binges. I promise you won't regret it. 

And for those asking, I will not be on Season 41 or Season 42. Our sights are now set on Season 43/44. I will start my heavy casting push in August.