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Why Is Anyone Surprised That Iowa Lost And Underachieved In The Tournament? It's IOWA, This Is What They Do

I tried warning everyone and anyone. This Iowa team was nothing but frauds. Actually let me be more specific, Iowa was always more of a top-15 team vs a top-5 team. This is what Iowa did all year. Anyone that was worth a damn ran their offense because Iowa's defense sucks. Anyone that was semi-decent (or Indiana) beat Iowa. Today was no different: 

And listen, Oregon was a top-15 talent that had a 7 seed resume. This isn't shocking. I gave out Oregon +5.5 in the earlier blog. Luka Garza was awesome, great story. But this is about the fact that Oregon fucking kicked Iowa's ass. Iowa had zero chance to defend Oregon. They can't stick in front of the guards. They tried going zone and it was a mess. Then Dana Altman did Altman things. He morphed that zone and took away the shooting. He dared Luka Garza to score 50, take away the help and forced Iowa to get stops. 

All I know is this is for everyone who told me that I was wrong about Iowa. I'm not. This is Iowa basketball. They look good, they choke down the stretch and don't make the Sweet 16. Fuck it, I'm taking my victory lap, I deserve it. Oregon in March is more auto bet than Cuse as an 11 seed at this point.