All The Smoke Around The Bears And Drafting A QB Makes Me Want To Puke

Every day that we inch closer and closer to the NFL Draft more smoke comes out that the Bears are not done at the quarterback position. Nagy and Pace know that their seats are hot or at least they should. They have been making moves to clear some cap space by converting salaries to signing bonuses and then releasing Kyle Fuller. Schefter had a video last week saying that the Bears acquiring Russell Wilson still may not be dead. Then Pace showed up to North Dakota State's pro day to watch Trey Lance. A guy that they have ZERO chance of getting unless they trade up. Now there are rumors about the Bears trading Nick Foles back to Philly or somewhere else because the Bears officially had to pick up the tab on his $4M roster bonus. Rapsheet had this to say

The Bears reportedly pitched Golladay saying he'd be part of the best 1-2 WR combo in the league. Hard to imagine a scenario where Golladay and Robinson would be considered the best tandem in the league with the Red Rifle throwing to them. The Bears are also looking at Day 2 QBs according to the Trib

according to one league source, the Bears also have been doing significant homework on Day 2 quarterback prospects, hoping the detailed and collaborative evaluations of Pace, Nagy and their respective staffs can identify potential long-term difference-makers. Those Day 2 quarterbacks includes Florida’s Kyle Trask, Texas A&M’s Kellen Mond, Georgia’s Jamie Newman and Notre Dame’s Ian Book.

This is the formula to being employed another year. Bring in a veteran and hope he gets more out of the offense than Mitch or Foles. Draft a young QB by either trading up or getting a shitty day 2 guy like Mond, Trask, or someone like that and preaching to George and Ted about development and how much better things are going to be in the future now that they have their QB. They'll go 8-8 or 9-7 forever and the Bears will be stuck in this purgatory of suck for another 5-7 years. Just middling along and wasting everyone's time. 

This was kind of my point all along about wanting Jacoby Brissett. I genuinely believe he has more upside than Dalton. He also has a way higher chance of failing and if he fails then that'd be curtains for Pace and Nagy and the Bears could truly start over. He'd also be cheaper than Dalton so maybe they'd still have enough money to keep Fuller. There were a ton of reasons why Brissett made for sound logic. Eddie and I were essentially on the same side of the argument on Redline, but we disagree on the best course of action to get there. It was a good discussion on Redline Radio this week. The full episode is below and we opened with the Dalton talk.