The Eagles Need To Do The Thing And Bring Joe Flacco Home Where He Belongs

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

Okay so here's the thing. I'm still a little skeptical that the Eagles are actually brining Joe Flacco in for an official visit. More than likely, Big Daddy Joe was just driving past the Sports Complex on his way to the Walt Whitman Bridge as he was heading home to Audubon. So maybe he decided to just stop in for a quick chat and see how things are going. New coaching staff, franchise QB traded this offseason, it wouldn't hurt to at least pop in and ask. 

But considering how dysfunctionally this organization seems to be operating, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest for an unannounced drop-in from Joe Flacco to result in signing him to a contract. There has been minimal thought and/or reason behind any of Howie Roseman's decisions over the past 18 or so months so this scenario would fit that trend perfectly. But you know what?

I'd be into it. Very into it, actually. Because if the Eagles are serious about actually giving Jalen Hurts a chance to become the true QB1 of this team, he's going to need a real mentor. Howie and Lurie could easily have been lying about not wanting a QB competition this season and they could go grab another quarterback in the draft. But if they don't go QB in the draft, then Jalen Hurts needs someone who he can learn from. Someone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Want to know who probably doesn't know much about anything?

This dude. 

Jalen Hurts spent 3 years of his life with Nick Saban. I don't think there could possibly be any more differences between these two Nick S's. Nick Saban is a machine who has perfected the craft of molding champions. Nick Sirianni goes off on rants about his brother coaching a high school football team to a state championship when describing his own coaching method. The two are not the same. So you need to bring somebody into the NovaCare Complex who can teach Jalen Hurts how to become a winner at the NFL level. 

Why not bring in a guy who has done it before?

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It wouldn't be a QB controversy, or at least not right off the bat. We all know how Philly fans get when it comes to our love affair with backups. Doesn't matter who it is, we always think the 2nd guy on the depth chart is the savior. But signing Joe Flacco would be a clear indication that the Eagles are committed to developing Jalen Hurts. Giving him a mentor who won't threaten his playing time, and would also be cheap enough to not impact whatever weapons the front office tries to add this offseason. Plus he's a South Jersey guy so he'd get to come home. 

All of this makes a ton of sense as long as you're an Eagles fan who is cool with giving Jalen Hurts a chance. But a bunch of you dumbasses have already written off Hurts, so I'm sure you wouldn't be all torqued up about hiring an old ass backup QB to be his sage of wisdom. But either way, do the deal. Even if it just started off by Joe Flacco accidentally getting off at the wrong exit on 76. 

P.S. - Yes.