This Insane Drone Footage Of A Volcano Erupting In Iceland Is One Of The Coolest Things You'll Ever See

Sorry the first video must have gotten taken down, my bad

First of all, holy fucking shit! No other reaction to watching that video than having your jaw fall out of your mouth. How in the world did that drone not melt? One little splatter of lava at the end and that thing is toast right? Remember when we had to wait for photos to develop days after we took them? Now we've got drones flying over volcanoes like it's no problem at all. One of the coolest uses of technology these eyes have ever seen. 

Of all the crazy shit that occurs on Earth, volcanoes might shoot right to the top of the list. Looks like a true end of the world scene whenever I see them. Spewing lava left and right, causing chaos if you're nearby. Some real life Lord of the Rings Mordor shit going on here. Oh and there's a group of people within a football field of this thing. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING? Auto-death. 

If I got word a volcano was in the on-deck circle around my area I can't tell you how fast I'm on the other side of the planet before that bad boy pops off. I'm good seeing it on twitter, don't need to wake up and see lava flooding down the block. As fun as lava looks, I'm all set. 

Side note, what a time for drone footage lately, huh? This bowling alley video still blows my mind. 

Bowling drone video or volcano? On one side the navigating was so impressive, on the other someone dodged lava and built this thing to withstand a billion degrees. I think I go volcano? 


This webcam is showing live footage of the eruption. Bananas.