How The Hell Did Houston Just Win That Game?

I understand that Houston outscored Rutgers. Let's get that joke out of the way. But how man? Rutgers had them dead to rights. It was basically over. Shit, think about how Houston lost the last two Tournament games. Tyler Herro's 3 with a couple seconds left and Michigan's Jordan Poole at the buzzer. They always seem to lose these heartbreaking games. They caught a break today because oh my God it mattered. 

Up 8 with 4:21 left, Myles Johnson missed a lob for a dunk. Houston immediately hits a three and you just felt like that was going to matter. It did. Houston got the momentum and Rutgers took the air out of the ball way too early. I know Rutgers isn't an uptempo team, but you can't start initiating offense with 10 seconds to go in the shot clock in a one possession game. Not when you have an inconsistent offense. Not when Geo Baker is the only starter in double digits. That's how you score 2 points down the stretch. 

Just a heartbreaking loss for Rutgers. They survive against Clemson and then collapse against Houston with a trip to the Sweet 16 on the line. Quick shout out to DeJon Jarreau. He battled a hip injury and was questionable to even play. He went out and got 17 and 5. He's so important to what Houston does on both sides of the ball as that bigger guard who can really attack off the bounce. 

That region was ready to get REAL weird fast with Loyola (8), Syracuse (11) advancing already and Rutgers (10) in control of this game. Houston now is the favorite to get to the Final Four. Crazy how fast everything changes in this event literally in seconds. Just a ridiculous comeback and a complete collapse by Rutgers.