BMW People Are The Worst

Just read a story in last week's Business Insider-India Edition that I found interesting... Not sure if it was covered already amongst all the March Madness hullaballoo, so excuse me if you've heard this one before.

A guy in Texas was just sentenced for a crime he committed back in June of 2019.

During that pre-pandemic summer, when everything was simpler, this gent went to his local BMW dealership looking to purchase a new whip.  Upon hearing the amount he needed to put down as a down payment, he asked to take the car for one last test drive.

While out on that drive he went to the nearest bank, put a fast-food bag over his head and a pellet gun in his pocket.  He immediately entered the bank and demanded the closest teller fill another bag with $10,000 in large bills or he would blow her fucking head off.

The teller did exactly what he said, he calmly left the bank, returned to the dealership, and then put down the money for that down payment in crisp new 50 and 100 dollar bills.

While finalizing the paperwork, another worker at the dealership was alerted to the story of a local bank robbery with a getaway car that eerily resembled the last one they sent out for a test drive, so the police were called and the perpetrator was swiftly nabbed with a pocket full of cash and DNA that matched just about everything involved with the robbery.

Fast forward to last week, and 50-year-old Eric Dion Warren finally plead guilty to the 2019 bank robbery and was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.




And that's it... That's the blog.

No commentary.

No bitching about our justice system (although nearly 2 years to close such an open-and-shut case seems egregious, as does the sentence of 20 years) or our society as a whole.

Just a simple non-sports-related story to tell to your loved ones next time you see a bank, a Texan, or a BMW.

Thanks for reading, and take some cheesecake home with you...

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