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The Conclusive And Definitive Recap To The Deflategate Conspiracy. #FACTSONLY




Listen I’ve dedicated the last 6 months of my life to Defending the Wall.  To fighting for truth and justice and the American way.  People have laughed at me.  People have scoffed at me.   People have said I was crazy.   But it’s all come full circle.  I’ve been right about Deflategate from Day 1.  Everything I’ve said has been the truth.   There has been so much that has transpired and so much he said she said I felt I needed to put it all down on paper.  Here is the definitive guide to Deflategate.  This was not a boat accident! And it wasn’t any propeller; and it wasn’t any coral reef; and it wasn’t Jack the Ripper! It was the NFL plain and simple. It was a highly coordinated 3 organization attack designed to embarrass and humiliate the most storied franchise in sports. The NFL, the Colts and the Ravens all in cahoots for the greatest conspiracy in the history of sports.


Let’s start at the beginning.

The Patriots Beat The Ravens In Hotly Contested Divisional Round Game




As we all remember the Patriots staged a furious 2nd half comeback against Baltimore using trick formations that are totally legal, but befuddled the hapless Ravens.  Belichick outcoached, outsmarted, outmanned John Harbaugh.  After being emasculated by Belichick, Harbaugh complains like a little girl that the Patriots cheated.  Tom Brady tells Harbaugh to learn the rulebook.   Fast forward to the day before the AFC Championship.  I got an email from a guy who said he went out to dinner the night before the game with some members of the Colts organization who said the Ravens tipped the Colts off about the deflated footballs and it would be a huge story.  I tweeted Pats beat writer Jeff Howe asking if he heard anything about this. Jay Glazer confirms my info about the Ravens .  Why would the Ravens complain about this after the fact?  What did they have to gain?  Could it be that John Harbaugh was still fuming about “illegal formations” and deception?  That Tom Brady told him to read the rulebook?  Was Harbaugh embarrassed that his name was being dragged through the mud as a sore loser?  The answer is yes on all accounts.


The Colts Tell The NFL that They Are Worried About the Air Pressure of the Pats Footballs The Day Before The Game

This is where the sting operation essentially begins.   Mike Kensil is the one who fields the call from the Colts about potential issues with the Pats footballs.  The same Mike Kensil who worked for the Jets when Belichick bolted to the Pats, was part of Spygate and has a long standing grudge against the Pats.  So instead of warning New England and saying something like Hey Bill getting complaints about deflated balls make sure they have enough air in them. We’re gonna spot check, blah, blah blah”  he decided to try and catch the Pats in the act.  When confronted with this information Roger Goodell flat lies and says the Colts never complained before the game.

More importantly if the NFL truly believed the Patriots were doctoring footballs and were gaining a huge competitive advantage that means the NFL intentionally let the 1st half of the AFC championship be played that way rather than tell them to stop. All so they could try and catch us in the act.   What would have happened if the Patriots were up 40-0 at halftime and struggled in the 2nd half?   Then what? Luckily for the league it was the exact opposite.  The Patriots struggled in the first half (with the supposedly deflated balls) and demolished Indy in the 2nd half with the fully inflated footballs.   But the point remains if the NFL thought air pressure was such a huge deal how could you let one team have this advantage in such a big game?  The answer is obvious.  They know the PSI’s having nothing to do with competitive advantages.  This was just a sting designed to embarrassed the Patriots.


Colts Beat Writer Bob Kravitz Breaks The Story

coltsbeatwriter kravitzkraft


How did Kravitz get this information?  Why would anybody tell him about this?   The early word on the street was that D’Qwell Jackson noticed something was wrong with the football when he intercepted Brady in the 2nd quarter.    The only problem with this theory is that D’Qwell Jackson said he did no such thing.  So then if D’Qwell Jackson didn’t notice anything how did the Colts manage to complain?  After all he was the only one who touched a football all game for Indy.  Whoever told Kravitz about this story and blamed it on Jackson was clearly lying.  Why?  The answer is simple.  To embarrass the Patriots plain and simple.  What better way to do it than to leak a false story to a jealous hack of a sports writer who just had his team obliterated for the 100th straight time in the playoffs at Gilllete.


Chris Mortensen Gives Legs To The Story And Says 11 out of 12 Balls Were At Least 2 PSI below requirements



As we all know by now this was a bold faced lie.   None of the Patriots footballs were under inflated by 2lbs each.   As confirmed today on Dennis and Callahan it was indeed Mike Kensil who intentionally leaked this information to Chris Mortensen to make the Patriots look bad.  This of course fueled the media frenzy over Deflategate and shaped the conversation.  The NFL never denied this report despite having a long and storied history of correcting erroneous reports from ESPN.   Instead they did the exact opposite.  They actually confirmed they were looking into this issue which basically just added fuel to the fire.  It was under this backdrop that Belichick, Brady and the Pats were forced to address the blood thirsty media during Superbowl week.  Tom Brady was forced to take the podium and answer questions under the guise that the NFL had measured all the balls and found them all 2 PSI under weight.  And people wonder why Brady seemed confused or not sure what the hell was happening.  That’s because he didn’t.  What people said happened didn’t happen.  Ironically Roger Goodell would later argue that the fact Brady increased communication with John Jastremski after the Mortensen report was released proved Brady is guilty.   Think about that for a second.   The NFL fed Chris Mortensen fake information that put Tom Brady in the crosshairs of the media and then when Brady asked Jastermski what the fuck was happening they screamed “GOTCHA!”.



The NFL hires Ted Wells to commission an independent report into Deflategate.


(Would you trust this mustache?)

In an attempt to appear impartial the NFL hires friend of the program Ted Wells to run an independent investigation into Deflategate which they already knew was a controversy they concocted.  They spent roughly 6 months and 5 million dollars on a 247 page report that in the end declares it’s more probably than not that Tom Brady is guilty because he was generally aware of the deflated footballs.  In other words “Despite the fact we ran a sting to catch Brady in the act we were still unable to conclusively prove anything.   But that doesn’t change the fact we think he’s guilty so he’s guilty”.

As unbiased experts poured through the Wells Report the following facts emerge.

  1. Ted Wells was instructed not to investigate the NFL‘s role in deflategate.
  2. The footballs were never measured before the game
  3. There were different air gauges used with different results at halftime
  4. The Colts footballs weren’t measured
  5. The Scientific firm (Exponent) that Ted Wells hired to has a long and dubious history of being paid to find the exact results the client wants them to find. AKA – A firm for hire.
  6. Unbiased Scientists rip the science used in the Wells report and say it wouldn’t have passed a high school science fair. (Example 1) (Example 2) (Example 3)
  7. It turns out none of the footballs the Patriots used were underweight. All the balls air pressure could be explained by the Ideal Gas Law.
  8. The NFL forced Walt Anderson to change his story on which air gauge he used because his original testimony exonerated the Patriots.
  9. Text messages revealed that Tom Brady had a problem with refs overinflating footballs in the past.
  10. The NFL Edited the “Independent” Wells Report before it was released.


The Patriots Begged the NFL To Stop Leaking Erroneous Information and To Correct It With Facts Before the Wells Report Was Released


This is breaking news today.   Mr. Kraft is back on the attack.  He thought he had a handshake agreement with Roger Goodell that in exchange for “dropping the rhetoric” Goodell would exonerate Tom Brady.  What Mr. Kraft learned the hard way is that Roger Goodell is a lying bag of shit.  Now is back to the #1 site on the Internet.   These emails just reinforce that the NFL never had any interest in the truth.   Why would you correct false information when you are the ones leaking it in the first place?   Of course this false info was damaging the brand and reputation of the Patriots.  That’s exactly what Mike Kensil, Roger Goodell and the NFL wanted from the jump and they used the gutless cowards at ESPN to do it.



 Roger Goodell Suspends Brady 4 Games, Fines Pats and Takes Away Draft Picks Based on the Findings of the Wells Report



Despite virtually every unbiased scientist in the world saying the footballs weren’t artificially deflated, that the Wells Report was garbage and that the NFL had no proof Tom Brady did anything wrong, Roger Goodell issues one of the harshest penalties in the history of the game.  Double what Ray Rice got for knocking his wife unconscious.  This of course launches one of the bravest protest movements in the history of America as The Brady Four go to jail and launch the “Free Brady” movement.


The Brady Four

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 Roger Goodell Refuses To Hire A Neutral Arbitrator to Hear the Brady Appeal



Goodell knew he has nothing. He knew any neutral arbitrator would toss this out in 2 seconds and lecture Goodell about what a moron he is. You don’t convict people on sports talk radio. You need real evidence and the league has none of it. Goodell knew all this so he spit in the Supreme Court’s face and named himself Furher yet again.


 Goodell Upholds The Suspension 



Roger Goodell upholds the Brady suspension based on 1 thing and 1 thing only.  He claims Tom Brady “destroyed” his cell phone.   Never before in the history of the league has a player been punished for supposedly obstructing justice.  Naturally Goodell leaks the cell phone story to ESPN to gather public support for his decision and bury Brady before people can read the entire report.

However once the entire report comes out these 3 more facts seem to prove Brady’s innocence:

1. Tom Brady printed out the exact PSI rule that said balls couldn’t be lower than 12.5 PSI and had the equipment guys hand it to the officials.   Why would somebody who is about to break the rules hand the officials the official rule he is about to break?  This just goes back to the ealier texts when Brady was mad about the balls being way overinflated in the Jets game.  He knows the refs were unorganized and loosey goosey with PSI.  He was reminding them that he wanted the balls at 12.5.  As I’ve said from the beginning that’s what he instructed Jastremski to do.  To make sure the refs didn’t fuck with the balls.  He never told him to go lower.  He knew the refs couldn’t be trusted so he wanted to make sure they were how he liked them within the rulebook.  That’s why he printed it out.  If the NFL wasn’t incompetent none of this would have happened.

2. Again we learn that the Colts complained the day before the game about deflated footballs.  As a reminder Goodell flatly denied this when speaking to Peter King on MMQB.  Anyway if the league knew the balls were such a huge issue how the hell can John Jastremski waltz into the officials locker room and take all the footballs out without anybody saying anything.  They knew this was an issue.  They knew the Colts complained about it.   Yet still he was able to take all the footballs without anybody noticing?  Sounds like the NFL wanted Jastermski to take them so they could run their little sting in which they already had tried and convicted the Pats before anything even happened.

3. Tom Brady offered to retrieve every single text message and conversation the NFL wanted but Goodell said no. This is all well and good but I’m going to simply it even further. The NFL had all the text messages and communications from Tom Brady to begin with because they had all the phones from everybody else involved in this. Brady was the only one who didn’t turn over his device. Goodell didn’t need Brady’s cell phone. He already had all his conversations with everybody regarding Deflategate and they obviously turned up nothing. That’s why he didn’t bother to track down anything else because he already knew there was no smoking gun. The NFL has nothing, never had anything and never will have anything. This 4 game suspension is 100% based on their perceived lack of cooperation from Tom Brady even though they say themselves he offered to cooperate.  I swear to god it’s like I’m losing my mind here.





This entire controversy started with the NFL and Mike Kensil trying to run a sting operation against the Patriots.   They tried to catch the Patriots in the act of deflating footballs.  Unfortunately for them they failed miserably.  The balls weren’t deflated below the legal level.   They were the exact PSI they should have been if they started at 12.5.   As Tom Brady’s own texts and actions confirm he never wanted them lower than 12.5 PSI.   That’s why he printed out the rule and gave it to the officials before the game. The only thing Tom Brady is potentially guilty of is that he told the equipment guys to make sure the refs didn’t overinflate them after they were checked.  That’s it.  That’s why Jastermski took them to the bathroom.  To make sure we didn’t have another Jets situation on our hands.   Is that illegal?  I guess technically.

But by far the bigger crime is that the NFL basically fabricated a story/planted evidence to see how Brady and the Patriots would react.  I mean honestly who knows what Brady said in reaction to Mortensen’s fabricated report?  He could have been yelling at the equipment guys.  He could have been asking what happened.  He could have said I told you idiots no lower than 12.5!   Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to turn over his phone? He knew if any of his texts even remotely acknowledged that he was “generally aware” of the situation he would have been crucified at that point. The NFL already showed they were willing to cheat, steal and lie to discredit him. So why help the investigation?  Why give them any opportunity to misconstrue or twist your words? Yeah the league already had the phones of everybody he communicated with in the first place, but still why help the investigation?   It’s why Kensil leaked the false story in the first place.  To entrap Brady.  This wasn’t about finding the truth.  It was witch hunt. That’s why Goodell didn’t bother taking up Brady’s offer to obtain all his records. They wanted to hang him.  They baited him, they set a trap, and all of it turned up nothing.

Deflategate is and always has been about jealous rivals who haven’t been able to beat us on the field in two decades and ran a sting operation.   This has nothing to do with cheating or competitive advantages.   Former rivals, current rivals, and disgruntled league officials were out to get Tom Brady and the Patriots and he knew it. You don’t cooperate with somebody who is trying to convict you regardless of whether you are guilty or not. Everybody with a brain knows that.  The fact of the matter is the NFL did everything in their power to catch the Patriots cheating and they failed miserably.  Yet they are still punishing us like they caught us.  It’s a sad day for the NFL.  Sad day for America.