How The Hell Did This Not Go In?

Yes, I know he went up soft. I understand he was looking for the foul. Completely aware about all that. But we're talking this year and this Tournament. We're talking about upsets and overtimes and upsets. It was right here for UCSB. A fairly basic layup. This team was awesome. 4 of the 5 starters were in double digits. But Marcus Zegarowski had 17. This was the popular 5/12 upset and it lost .. just like Winthrop/Nova. I just still have no idea how this shot didn't fall. Like I said, we've seen this sort of shit happen all over in the first day of the NCAA Tournament. Now to sound like a dad, GO UP STRONG. Play through fucking contact. It's simple. At the minimum you go to the free throw line. Just fucking go up strong.