Nobody Has Ever Had A More Premature Celebration Than This EWU Fan Crying Her Eyes Out In The First Half

I haven't seen any fluid come out of a human's body quicker than this. Nope. Can't think of one time the word premature and fluid existed in my life. Have I mentioned I have a son? Anywho, that's not here or there. This is about Eastern Washington. I think I love them. I mean we know all about the red field. But did you know EWU hoops had a zamboni for the court? 

Then they had the Groves brothers. Seriously, move over Max Abmas, we fell in love with the Groves brothers. 

They've outscored seven different teams in the Tournament. SEVEN. Granted, we're talking bums like Tennessee, two brothers outscored them. But more importantly, this girl crying set up the future. Yes, EWU lost. Yes they blew the lead. But you know what they did? They did this: 

We'll always have you EWU. We'll always have you Groves brothers.