Things Are Getting Pretty Weird On The March Madness Live Stream

I’ll be honest because I always am around here - I had extremely low expectations coming into the livestream. Like basically zero. I don’t like sitting in high chairs for more than 90 minute intervals and the room kinda smells like farts. I’m a bonafide D word gambler but that isn’t my bread and butter. My livestream benchmark was admittedly low and let me tell you I couldn’t have been more wrong. Room still smells but it’s up for fucking grabs. Mush is legitimately 2-11 and it’s unavoidably hilarious. We just had a Tony Parker buzzer beater underdog cover. Ohio State straight up fucking lost. There’s pandemonium and we’re not halfway thru day 2. In the words of Marty THESE FUCKING GAMES DONT STOP COMING.

No they don’t. This is March and I recommend you get a taste of the livestream. If nothing else I promise someone is going to get murdered today. I can smell it in the air.