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Chicago Cubs Prospect Busted At Spring Training With 21 Pounds Of Meth In His Equipment Bag

I don’t know a whole lot generally about buying and selling large quantities of hard drugs but I do know that 21 pounds of meth is a lot of fucking meth. Let’s start there. We’re not talking about a trip to the corner store meth dealer for a weekend supply of meth. This is a wholesale amount. You have to go to Sam’s Club or Costco to get that much volume. You have to know a guy and pay a membership fee.

That said I’m not stupid enough to assume this guys acting alone. I also don’t need to conduct a full investigation to render some kind of opinion that he’s obviously being asked to move this by somebody else. No other reason a prospect is walking around with 21 pounds of meth which again is just a preposterous amount of meth to bring to Spring training.

Last spin zone. Maybe he was dosing up his teammates to improve pitch recognition. I know it’s a longshot but scout’s honor I’ll take whatever edge I can get. The Cardinals are out here trading for Nolan Arenado we might as well get our hands dirty too.

Boom. Uppers. The whole league is fucked.

Ps - probably still a developing situation but obviously not a good look for the cubs.